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Flushing the Toilet, and Other Things We Take For Granted

There’s a water main line break in our little corner of Northwest Oklahoma City. Some neighborhoods have no water pressure, some have absolutely no water at all. Cody and I are sort of in the middle of no water and a little water. ToiletLet’s just say that sometimes the toilet will flush.

It just got me thinking how often we take simple things for granted. Especially in our American culture we expect certain things, like running water, but we forget that in other parts of the world, this is not the norm for them. It really makes me thankful to realize where God placed me on this earth.

Gratitude is the last Forgotten Virtue Craig Groeschel will be speaking about this weekend. And I think it is quite appropriate for Memorial Day Weekend, where we realize we often take our freedom for granted as well.

So today, I’m thankful. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude as it always should be. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, running water (for the most part), freedom, a husband who loves me and a family who supports me. I have a Heavenly Father who puts up with my crap and always gives me grace. What more could I ask for, what more could I want?

Let today be a reminder to not take our lives for granted. Let us be thankful for everything, including toilets that flush.

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Need a Little Swirl?

This story is always a good reminder to not let myself become stagnant.coffee

The low rumble of the coffee shop slowly brought my mind to focus. I’d been reading at my table at Barnes and Noble for a while and picked up my cup of cafe mocha.  I noticed, as I took a drink, that most of the good stuff had settled at the bottom of my cup.  So I gently swirled it hoping the motion would wake the dormant spices that make the drink taste so good.

I drank again and noticed an immense difference.  A sweeter, richer, more potent sip excited my taste buds, causing my mind to think…

How often do I let my “spice” settle at the bottom?  Sometimes I allow the busyness of life to settle my passion, making me less effective.  I need a little swirl.  A little something to shake me up when sitting too long has caused me to become complacent.

But will I recognize this swirl for what it is?  Or will I complain that it’s just another suffering I have to walk through, trying not to get too shaken up, when that was the point in the first place…

What do you think?

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Which Side of Need Are You On?

NeedI heard a great message yesterday from a pastor at HillSong church, in Austrailia.  He asked a great question that I think many of us need to realize for ourselves:

Which Side of Need Are You On?

He explained that there are two sides to Need:

Needy and Needed

Are you a needy person. Do you live your life with the attitude of “what can people do for me?”

Are you a needed person. Do you live your life with the attitude of “What can I do for others?”

As mature Christ-followers it’s time we see ourselves as people who are needed. We are ministers first and foremost, no matter what organization pays our salaries. We are here to be used of God to meet the needs of others.

Which Side of Need Are You On?

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Sometimes, my husband tells me I’m stubborn. I, of course, argue my case, not backing down for anything…. which just goes to show that of course he’s right. I am stubborn, but admitting it would be a kind of surrender. One I’m not quite ready to give.Rebel

Stubbornness, for a woman can either be her friend or her enemy. Our stubbornness is that rebellious streak hardwired into each of us as a daughter of Eve. Sometimes it gives us the ability to face and conquer the issues of life as they come. But it is also that same rebellion that can get us into trouble if we don’t know how to use it to our advantage.

How do we use rebellion to our advantage? How can we put the power of stubbornness to work in our lives to bring about a positive outcome? It’s all in what we choose to rebel against.

  • Instead of rebelling against obedience to God, rebel against sin.
  • Instead of rebelling against your husband, rebel against the desire to always be right
  • Instead of resisting change, rebel against mediocrity
  • Instead of allowing life to just happen, rebel against laziness

Rebel against that which is against you. Harness the power of your stubbornness and use to bring about positive outcomes in your life.

What do you need to rebel against?

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What Do You Flex More?

Lately I’ve found myself in the same conversation with many different people. Some have confessed to sin, others admit depression, some want to give it all up. My question in each of these conversations has been the same:

“How is your time with God?”

The answers varied but most landed on: Non-existent. As they were relaying their pains and doubts to me the answer was evident. They had been spending more time flexing their flesh than their spirit. What does that mean, exactly? I’ve always seen it like this:

Our flesh and our spirit are at war within us. They battle for control and inevitably one will win. Which one wins, however, is completely up to us.

Think of your flesh and your spirit like two muscles. Which one do you flex more? Are you giving in to your flesh more, therefore making it stronger? Or are you feeding, working, and flexing your spirit muscle, making it the dominate of the two?

I know for me, I haven’t been feeding my spirit as I should. I can tell a big difference in my attitude and outlook on life when my spirit is starved. It’s not that I’m intentionally starving my spirit,–no one ever does. But by being unintentional I have inevitably allowed my flesh to become stronger.

What about you? Which muscle do you flex more? What ways do you think we can starve the flesh while feeding the spirit?

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A Conversation

Jesus: Do you love me?

Peter: Yes, Lord.

Jesus: Feed my lambs.

Jesus: Peter, do you love me?

Peter: Yes, Lord. You know that I love you.

Jesus: Take care of my sheep.

Jesus: Peter, do you love me?

Peter: Lord, you know all things. You know that I love you.

Jesus: Feed my sheep.

What is meant by “feed my sheep”?

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