Stay Healthy on the Go…

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. My life has been a little busy over the last couple months. But I want to share some tips this week that have helped me stay on track even when life seems out of control! 

Bag It Up

I love fruit. Not only is it sweet and tasty it is an amazingly healthy snack that keeps me on track. Since I’m always on the go it’s hard to keep a variety of fruit close at hand, and easy to grab as I’m heading out the door. To fix that problem, I take the opportunity of a free night to do a little chopping. 

Buy a carton of strawberries and after washing them slice them into pieces. (Eat with yogurt for a yummy, healthy snack!)

Divide pieces into little baggies and store in refrigerator.

Do the same with a bundle of grapes. 

Add apples or plums or peaches and you have a nice variety of fruit to grab as you’re heading out the door! Bag It Up

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