Some Thoughts on my Mind

#orange09–I can’t seem to figure out how to upload videos to my blog. Wishing I had switched my blog to iweb before the conference… 

Wedding stuff—We set the date for July 31st which is only three very SHORT months away… we have a lot to do until then…

SWITCH—A little worried about being gone this week. Just praying all goes well. I’m also constantly thinking how well the new 1-3-1 model is working… 400 students in small groups of 9 is HARD!

Cody Light—He’s half a country away on his own little business trip in CA. Won’t see him again until Saturday.

Running/Sore—I feel like a 97-year-old lady walking around. I’m extremely sore from yesterday’s marathon…

BLOG—Excited to get to write a LOT this week. Stay tuned for all the good stuff from #orange09.

What’s on your mind?

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