Don’t Be a No-Sayer

I used to secretly resent the work of God in other people’s lives… especially when that work looked like success. Anytime someone would share a major victory, or accomplish a goal, I would silently stew, or pass over their announcement without a “like”, a congratulations, or a share, because I was jealous they were doing something and I was not. I soon discovered this was a form of insecurity.

I was not a nay-sayer, I was a no-sayer. To me, that’s worse.

Since getting to work on what I know God has called me to do, I’ve lost that jealousy and insecurity because now I know the hard work, dedication, commitment, doubt, fear, the almost-giving up that goes into accomplishing something God asks. Celebrating the work of God in another person’s life, does not diminish the work of God in your own life. In fact, NOT celebrating with others could affect God’s ability to work through you.

Don’t be a no-sayer.

If you find yourself resenting the success in other’s lives, let me be an encouragement to you: break through that stronghold of insecurity with celebration, and then get to work on what he’s called you to do.

When you do it’s Him who gets the glory.
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