Do You Want to be Remarkable?

Do you want to be remarkable? What about indispensible? Do you want to be the person everyone says they would hate to lose or love to gain?

I’m reading Seth Godin’s newest book called “Linchpin.” The book is all about helping you realize your own unique potential and encouraging you to be remarkable, to be indespensible, to be a Linchpin.

I’d love to share a line from the book and talk a little bit about why so many of us settle for being mediocre instead of remarkable.

If you’re insecure, the obvious response to my call to become a Linchpin is, “I’m not good enough at anything to be indispensable.” The typical indoctrinated response is that great work and great art and remarkable output are the domain of someone else.

This line really spoke to me since it’s something I’ve been saying for years now. What is keeping you from being remarkable? Most likely it is your own insecurity holding you back. It is your own self-doubt, those lies we hear telling us we’re not good, or we have nothing to offer that really keep us from our greatest potential.

Godin goes on to say that,

I’ve been lucky enough to meet or work with thousands of remarkable linchpins. It appears to me that the only way they differ from a mediocre rule-follower is that they never bought into this self-limiting line of thought.

Is that what separates you from being remarkable? Your own self-limiting line of thought? You are a gifted individual who has a divine purpose. The only thing keeping you from fulfilling that purpose is you. Believe in who you are and who God has called you to be and watch as you become remarkable.

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