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The Right Side of Obedience

There’s a certain confidence that comes when you know your purpose in life. You have guidance, and an invisible arrow pointing you in the direction you know you’re supposed to be going.

However, simply knowing your purpose isn’t enough.

Living your purpose is where life really gets sweet.

When you take that step of obedience there is a greater confidence that comes along, like a companion on the journey of life, keeping you company as you trudge forward. There is something about living on the right side of obedience that gives you the keys to unlock the doors that used to be closed. A new realm opens up. You see things differently. You experience life more vibrantly and carry a new sense of purpose you’ve only ever heard about.

Are you living on the right side of obedience? What will it take for you to take that step of faith and start doing what it is you know God has called you to do?

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Living? Or Just Existing?

I came across this video and it made me think: these guys–and girls are living life to the fullest, taking risk, and having a blast doing it! I’m not saying I want to jump on a bike and dive into a pond, but I am saying when I get to the end of my life I don’t want to look back and realize I lived a safe existence. I want to live, really LIVE! Hopefully you feel the same way! Check this out:

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Stretch, Massage and Get Rid of Cellulite

A friend of mine told me about this foam tube used for stretching muscles. She showed me how to use it at the gym and I haven’t been the same since. This small tube gets down into the deep tissue and even reduces cellulite in problem areas. You can use it anywhere: legs, inner thighs, back, arms, neck, head. Check out my deep tissue massaging moves!

I picked mine up at Target for $20.00 (actually it was a birthday gift from mom and dad! Thanks!) It’s amazing how good it feels to stretch tired muscles after a long run. I highly recommend getting one yourself!

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Cody and I love to do home improvement projects around the house. Since the Light family flood of 2010 where we had a swimming pool in our living room, the house had been in a constant state of improvement. Now that everything is done for the most part, we went on to tackle other projects I’ve been dying to get to.

We decided we wanted to spruce up our bathroom and bedroom mirror. Look at it, it’s just a sheet of glass hanging on the wall. Bor-ing!

So we decided we wanted to frame it out using crown moulding. Here’s what you need to complete a project like this: a few pieces of crown moulding picked up at your local Home Depot or Lowes. This was only $1.72 a foot!

Next, you will need a can of paint in whatever color tickles your fancy. I like flat black since it matches with everything else in the bathroom and bedroom.

And of course you can’t forget your hunk of burning love willing to help you with this project. Ohhh, he’s so cute!

Once you’ve made your measurements you can cut the crown moulding to size. Be sure to cut the ends at a 45 degree angle so they line up at each corner. (It took us a couple tries to get the measurements right, but eventually, with enough patience (Cody’s the patient one, not me!) we cut them to size and started painting.)

Besides taking pictures and holding the boards while Cody made his measurements, this was my only job. I leave the heavy thinking, planning and executing to him, he leaves the “girly” stuff like painting to me.

Once the paint is dry it’s time to hang them up. We had to use stabilizers behind the crown moulding to make it even on all sides, but I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

What do you think?

We also did our bedroom mirror. It really makes it stand out more.

Two “like new” mirrors for less than $50 dollars! Now that’s what I call a good investment!

What home improvement projects have you been meaning to get to?

Any inexpensive ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments!

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Life is messy. But for so long she’s been trying to walk through life without getting dirty.

She’s walked so carefully, with her white shoes, and white gloves, being careful to not make a mistake that would cause her to fall down into the messiness of life and soil her nice white, clean clothes.

Sure, the bottoms of her pants have rubbed against the messiness of life and they’ve gotten a little tattered, but you can’t really see them. For the most part, at least as far as people can tell, she’s still clean, she hasn’t let the messiness of life get the better of her.

She’s grown up with a sense of pride that she’s made it this far into life without getting really dirty. She’s made good choices, hasn’t made a lot of mistakes and played it safe.  That’s how she’s come to be so clean. You can’t be taking all kinds of risks and expect to stay out of the mud. Everything has it’s time and place and she’s got a plan for just about everything. Can’t be caught by surprise if you want to stay clean. Her thoughts swarm, as she takes each careful step through life, “What a perfect life I’ve led so far.” “Look how clean I am, not a spot on me!” But when it’s time to tell the stories she comes up short.

“No, I didn’t fall and get my gloves dirty. Why? Oh, well I guess because I played it safe. No, I can’t say I’ve ever been up to my knees in the mud… I mean look at my pants, they’re so white… Why? Oh, well I guess because I never took that big step. What kind of stories do I have to tell? Mmmmmm, ………………………… My gloves are really white!”

Does she carry a pride of never messing up? Does she think life’s goal is to get to the end of her life with her clothes still white? What is wrong with celebrating imperfection? Isn’t it okay if not everything lines up? She’s made all the right choices and because of that she’s been blessed. But what if the blessings were the consequences of taking a risk? What if the true blessings were the lessons that come with falling into the mud? Why is she so afraid of being wrong? Messing up? Making a mistake? Taking a risk?

What is faith? Faith is making sure each step will be the right one… faith is making sure each step will keep her away from the mess. No, that’s not right. Her mind and heart are at war, but she cannot let it keep her from moving forward. One last look at the clean, white gloves and she decides. It’s time to get messy. It’s time to try some new things. It’s time to take the risks. It’s time to take the big steps.

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Get Dirty

This is a video we are showing at SWITCH tonight. Our series is called “Get Dirty” We’re moving our students to a culture of servanthood, encouraging them that it’s necessary to get a little dirty when you serve others.

I was trying to find some videos to use as transitions and I came across a whole series called “Muddy White Socks.” I’m not sure what to think of it, and I have no idea why it is so intriguing. See for yourself. It’s only a min and a half.

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Go With the Flow

I started to write a blog this morning and I just wasn’t feeling it. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and the flow just wasn’t there.

Which is a great question. Do you find yourself often going with the flow? Sometimes it can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing.

Going with the flow shows a sense of trust. Like when you’re out with a group of friends and no one really knows what’s going on, going with the flow can depend on whether you have a good time or not.

Someone who can’t go with the flow is like a rock in a creek bed. The water flows right past it, but it sure takes a lot of pressure because it just sits there. It’s not willing to go with the flow, but the flow keeps on going.

It’s an interesting thought when you apply it to your life. In some cases going with the flow might not be a good idea, but in most cases going with the flow is the best way to go.

That is my blog for today. Don’t hate. Go with the flow.

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October Boot Camp with Shape Project

I want to pass on the invitation for our October boot camp kicking off this coming Tuesday, October 5th, at 6:00pm. We will meet every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm at Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner.

We had a tremendous month in September with 10 ladies! If you’d like to get their feedback you can e-mail a few of them here: –Lulu Scott –Abi Martin –Michelle Brown

I can’t tell you how much I recommend joining boot camp. Not only do you get personal training, accountability to work out, but you gain some of the deepest friendships you will ever have. There is a sisterhood that comes from sweating together, fighting for that last crunch, that last push up, or that last mile. If for nothing else, join for the community of girls that are all reaching for the same thing you’re reaching for!

New member cost is $200, but if you sign up by tomorrow (October 5nd) you can get $20 off.  Veteran tuition (those ladies who joined us for September) is $140.00. 

Members can split up their tuition into two payments if you choose. One payment next week and the balance 2 weeks later.

To sign up, all you have to do is send Melissa an e-mail at

Really looking forward to see who will sign up and be a part of this life-changing journey. Check out some pics of the girls from September!

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