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Losing a Student

That’s something you never want to experience in youth ministry. Wednesday night after our SWITCH experience we got a call from a student who was leaving. He said a kid got hit by a car on NW Expressway. Vince, my fellow youth pastor and I ran as fast as we could out to where we saw traffic backing up. My mind exploded: “No, oh Jesus NO!”

Before we knew it he was gone. Anthony Guzman an 8th grader from one of our main middle schools CAPPS in the Putnam City district.

That night set in motion a wave of grief that settled on our students and leaders from CAPPS. The next morning we were up at the school all day, sitting with students, holding them while they cried, listening to their questions of why and not able to really answer them.

We don’t know why.

I was so proud and blessed by the showing of our team of leaders. The whole CAPPS team was present along with others. A few of my fellow staff members from other campuses joined us to minister to the students who lost their friend. More than twenty-five adults stood in the lunch cafeteria that day holding hands to pray for the 8th grade class of CAPPS. God’s presence was there. He was comforting, healing and showing Himself to these students.

Losing a student is something no one ever wants to experience. But if you have to I would want to be surrounded by the people who showed up yesterday to give comfort. I would want to be a part of a community who I know is praying and reaching out any way they can. Our group will never be the same after this tragedy. But I think the change will be for the good. God is good even in circumstances like this.

A memorial fund has been set up in Anthony’s name. You can donate at any metro MidFirst Banks. Thank you for your prayers.

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It's Been Too Long

Hello everyone!

Forgive the absence from the blog. I’ve been super busy with so many exciting things happening.

Cody and I are working hard on starting a blog together. This will be mostly based around marriage, communication and our lives, with touches of each of our passions and thoughts on things like technology, overcoming insecurity, leadership, political views etc. We’re really excited about it and feel God calling us to start this together. It’s going to be a Here’s a little taste of our logo done by the beautiful Amy Sharp over at

Out of this blog I’ve also started a personal training/boot camp business called LiveLaughLight. Starting in January I will offer classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30pm $100 per person for four weeks. Send me an e-mail or DM if you’re interested!

I’ve been working hard on the first draft of a book that’s been stirring inside me for the last three years about overcoming insecurity. I have an end goal of December 15th for the first draft and will send it in to a friend to hopefully get some ideas for publishing! More to come on that one!

We’re wrapping up our semester for SWITCH and I’m just so excited for the Christmas holiday this year! I was just reading in Luke about when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple to be dedicated. You can access a great reading plan at it’s called Rediscovering the Christmas Season.

Today’s reading focused on two people who waited at the temple everyday for the coming of Jesus. Simone and Anna–two prophets who dedicated their lives to seeing the Christ arrive. I was encouraged and challenged when I read about how devout these two people were for the coming of Christ. In the reading plan it encouraged all of us to have that same excitement and expectation for the second coming of Christ–when He returns for us. I know I don’t always think about it, getting too caught up in the life I lead here on the earth, but it really made me think. I want to have the same excitement for the coming of Christ that I do for Christmas. I want to be so in love with Christ that I do what Anna the Prophetess does “She talked about Jesus to everyone.” Luke 2:37 and I want to encourage all of us to foster that same excitement. I think if we truly knew what that day was going to be like, there wouldn’t be anything that could keep us from being as excited as we possibly could.

So today, get excited! There are amazing things to come!

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Top Women's Ministry Blog

I got this e-mail last night:

Dear Anna,

Congratulations! Jen here, and your blog, Anna Light Ministries, is a
Master Blog of Women in Ministry!

We’ve scoured the web looking for amazing blogs that not only are great in
content, but informative and helpful when needed.  And we’ve determined your
blog to be such!  We like to call it a Master of its category!

You can see your blog and others right here

Click on the link and see who’s number 4! Pretty cool.  Thanks for making my little corner of the world a place others feel is worth knowing about.

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You're Not the Only Person in the World

Sometimes I can forget that I’m not the only person in the world. Yes, of course I know I’m not the only person, but sometimes I can get caught up in thinking I’m the only person in my world. The only person who matters, who has problems, aches, pains and worries.

Today I want to be reminded that I am not the only person in the world.

I just heard some horrible news. A family in my community just lost their 15 year-old son. He was killed in a car accident last night with his older brother who is still in surgery as I type this. My heart goes out to this family and all the people this young man impacted while he was on the earth.

I was complaining about a headache this morning, but learning this news brings things into perspective. I’m not the only person in the world. There are other people hurting and wounded who need support and someone to talk to. When we take the focus off ourselves and start paying attention to others around us our problems might not seem so big.

Today I don’t want to think about myself. I want to reach out to those who need encouragement and hope.

I encourage you to do the same.

I’m not the only person in the world.

Neither are you.

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The Shape Project's Fall Boot Camp

Earlier this week I mentioned something about Shape Project’s Fall Boot Camp starting September 7th. I wanted to highlight it again to encourage all of you who ever thought about signing yourself up under a trainer.

For me, it was the best decision I could’ve made. Not only does working out under a trainer push you past your limit it also helps you stay consistent in your work outs because you know she’ll be waiting for you every morning.

Now there’s even more of a reason to join the Shape Project Community. Starting September 7th Shape Project will begin it’s fall boot camp. Not only are you working out with a trainer, you are working out with ten other men or women each pushing each other to do better, work harder and see amazing results. Check out how I shaped up this summer!

Thank you Randy Coleman for the awesome pics!

Read the add below and sign up today!

Girls and guys, if you are tired of your exercise routine, or looking for a
fun and engaging way to get fit and lose weight then join Shape Project’s
Fall Boot Camp, starting September 7th, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
evenings at 6pm
with Shape Projects own Melissa Cox, M.S. Any level of
fitness is welcome. Join the group for only $200 for 12 sessions (4 weeks)
and get in the best shape of your life.

Join others at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City while we mix strength training and cardio to get fit, lose
weight and stay healthy. Now is the time to register! E-mail or call 496-5891 for more information or to register for the class.
September 3rd is the last day to register for this class. (An early bird registration of 10% off applies if you sign up by September 1st Also, take an additional 10% off the price if you refer two other people to join the class!) Invest in your
health and join the Shape Project community.

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I'm Running the JailBreak

A couple weeks ago, my friend, Vince Parker posted a blog about a run called the Jail Break. After little thought he, my husband, a friend of ours and yes, I joined the team as well, signed up for it.

It’s September 18th and 19th in Fort Worth Texas. Basically, the Jail Break is a 3.8 mile run over cars, through mud, and all the different obstacles around the maze. The idea behind the Jail Break is “to break free from the daily grind, from old habits, from your typical (boring) races.”

I like to think of it in a different sort of way. I am running the JailBreak for every woman, man,  girl, boy, child, and person who battles with insecurity. I will run for freedom in a different sense. I will run like I’m breaking free from a different kind of jail.

Keep posted for my own pictures and stories of this amazing experience.

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What to do when You're Told "You Suck"

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago called “Development–The Fine Art of Telling People They Suck.” Then a friend of mine, @jeremydbaldwin, asked if I would write a follow up post about what to do if you are on the receiving end of that development. I thought it was a great idea so I bring you this:

What to do when You’re Told “You Suck”

Now, that’s putting it pretty harsh. I hope the people around you who are developing you are a little more tactful than that, but even if they’re not, having constructive criticism is an important part of our development.

I read somewhere that feedback is the number one motivator of people. Without feedback how do we expect to get better at anything? I’m pretty passionate about development, not only helping others develop but making sure I’m getting developed as well, so since Jeremy has been on the receiving end of some of my development, and because I’m always looking to be on the receiving end of development, I’d like to bring you 3 things to always do when you’re told “You Suck.”

1. Put Your Pride to Bed. Let’s be honest, we all need improvement. None of us are perfect at what we do, and if you think you are, you need more development than you think. Lay down the pride and ask a few trusted people to speak honestly into your life. Make sure you have people around you who will develop you. If you want to develop in a certain area, ask them to observe you in this specific area and then give you feedback.

2. Listen. Now, it’s also important that you listen to the feedback they give you. The quickest way to go no where is to do nothing with the constructive criticism that is given to you.

3. Don’t Take it Personal. Actually, take it as a compliment. If someone is giving you feedback it means they believe in you. They know you can be better and they are willing to spend time and energy investing in you to pull out your full potential. When someone wants to give you feedback, don’t get defensive. It is for your good.

What do you do when you’re told “You Suck”?

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5 Ways to Make Sure You're Always Insecure

Freedom from insecurity is a lot of work. Probably more work than you’re willing to give. The easy thing is to stay insecure and never allow yourself to break out of the chains that bind you.

Here are 5 sure-fire ways to make sure you always stay insecure.

5. Be a self-centered person. Always think everything is about you.

4. Worry constantly about what others are thinking of you. (Afterall, since it’s all about you, they are always thinking about you.)

3. Put others down any chance you get. If you don’t feel secure, no one else should.

2. Never believe or speak positively about yourself–you wouldn’t want people thinking you are prideful.

And the number one way to always make sure you’re insecure:

1. Believe every lie that comes your way. If you’re thinking it, it must be true.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that you will never find freedom from insecurity.

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I Don't Want to Write a Blog

BLOGYes, you read that right. I don’t want to write a blog. But here I am, sitting on my couch, writing a blog. Why? Because I have to. Because it’s what God wants me to do.

I’ve been pretty transparent with you, my readers, about my own self-sabotage–particularly pertaining to this blog. I’ve found myself again getting inconsistent in my posts. Why? Because I’m disobedient, a procrastinator, lazy. I’ll admit it. I know my weaknesses.

But I have hope. Because here I am, sitting here, writing a blog.

It’s hard to do things you don’t want to do. But usually it‘s in those things that you find the most satisfaction, the most reward.

What about you? What do you not want to do? Are you doing it, or are you letting it beat you? I promise to keep you accountable if you promise the same for me. What could be on the other side of our obedience? Only action will tell.

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