Are You a Generation X, Y or iY?

One of my favorite authors, speakers and leaders of today is Tim Elmore. He writes the books Habitudes (images that form leadership habits and attitudes) as well as several other books for parents, youth workers and college students on leading the upcoming generation.

Generation iY - A book by Tim Elmore

Tim’s newest book Generation iY focuses on the epidemic of technology on our culture today and how our world effects this post 9-11 generation he has coined Generation iY.

Below are some of his thoughts on Generation iY as well as a link to purchase his e-book. I’m already reading it and feel blessed to have this type of knowledge at my finger tips.

Thank you Tim, for your hard work and dedication to fight for these students help reach this generation for Christ. May we all join the battle in some way.

Who is Generation iY?

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With the release of my new book, Generation iY: Our Last Chance to Save Their Future, people are asking me these days: who are they? How is Generation iY different than the earlier students in Generation Y?  Aren’t they just the same kids, but with more technology?

Good questions. Let me attempt a rapid response below.

EARLY GENERATION Y                                                  GENERATION iY

1. Born in the 1980s                                                                   1. Born in the 1990s

2. Highly compassionate                                                           2. Low empathy

3. Activists                                                                                    3. Slack-tivists (Want to be involved a little)

4. Technology is a tool                                                               4. Technology is an appendage to my body

5. Passionate about a cause                                                       5. Fashionate about a cause (If my friends do it)

6. Civic minded                                                                            6. Self-absorbed

7. Ambitious about the future                                                   7. Ambiguous about the future

8. Accelerated growth                                                                 8. Postponed maturation

I still believe in these kids. I continue to believe they can and will change the world. However, they will do so if we figure out how to connect with them and guide them into the future. There has been a shift in our culture that’s impacted students today. A perfect storm of elements has diminished the relational skills and emotional intelligence young adults once developed naturally. Minimally, this shift has delayed their entrance into adulthood. What they need more than anything else are healthy mentors; mentors who care more about preparing them than protecting them. These mentors should focus on building some fundamental skills in students:

1.  Emotional Intelligence
2.  Character and Ethics
3.  Leadership Perspective

In the book, I’ve attempted to equip teachers, parents, coaches, employers and youth workers to do just that. Join me in shaping these iY kids from the inside out so they can turn their world upside down.


(To purchase Generation iY, click on the icon on the right or go to:

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