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Thank you for stopping by.

I hope what you read here will inspire you to break free from the insecurities that hold you back from your full potential.

I lived too much of my life in-prisoned by lies and insecurities and it is because of my transformational journey toward freedom that I began this blog. As a place for you to come and talk about the taboo subject of insecurity.  As a place of safety for you to share your secret fears, worries, and doubts and discover you’re not alone.

My desire is that each time you visit you will hear an encouraging message of Truth that can break the chains of isolation and bondage. I have a passion to share with you the life-changing message of freedom so that you can live a life of confident passion, firmly grounded in the Truth of God’s Word.

I usually post two to three times per week on subjects like overcoming insecurity, finding your true identity and living life with passion and purpose.

I may talk about my children every now and then too, since they often teach me more than I could possibly teach them.

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Cody and Anna

Cody and Anna      

We have been married for six years–the best years of our lives so far! Even within the short time of marriage we feel God’s calling to minister to young married couples. Last year we made some major changes and moved Anna home full time. We moved out to the country where we live surrounded by family on 20 acres of land. We are currently saving to build our dream house on the land.

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Cody worked with Chesapeake Energy for over five years, and then took a new position at a new company called 77 Energy, overseeing security. He has a passion for security and safety and a vision to start his own security company in the next few years.

Anna stays home with Ethan (4) and Emma (2 and half).

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We couldn’t be more opposite. Cody’s background as a United State’s Marine taught him the importance of black and white reasoning, following orders, and emotionless decision making. As a former youth pastor in full time ministry, my colorful outlook on life, and compassion toward others’ feelings makes the contrast between us quite interesting.

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After much deliberation we finally came up with the name LiveLaughLight because it fit our philosophy of life. The “Live” part has to do with how we feel about life. To us life is meant to be truly lived–not just merely existing. We both have a huge passion for freedom and living in freedom is one of our family’s core values. “Laugh” means a lot to us because we never want to take life or ourselves too seriously. We often find ourselves laughing at the things that happen in life that should make us frustrated or angry because we know together we can face anything thrown our way. Light is our last name, and a symbol we take seriously when it comes to spreading the Light of Christ and living our lives in the Light.

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Welcome to our piece of the world. We hope you find LiveLaughLight an inspirational and encouraging blog to add to your daily reading.

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6 thoughts on “About Anna Light

  1. Hey Anna
    Thanks so much looking forward to reading more from you. I just started your Bible reading plan on You Version and I’m only on day two and I’m loving it already. This year has been a journey of facing my true self in Christ and insecurity has caused so much fear and unproductively in my life. I know God has called me to the good life. Thanks for helping others towards freedom.

  2. Hi Anna,
    My name is Paul from Auckland, New Zealand.

    I have just started the reading plan “In_Security: Break Free From What Holds You Back” through http://www.bible.com.

    This year I have really begun to understand how insecurity is affecting me in my life. Its just overwhelming sometimes thinking how isolated I have become because of this. I just hate it.

    I am happy to say that I am making an attempt to overcome this. Right now its just me and God for this breakthrough to happen. I have really started to enjoy what I am reading so far, so its pretty positive.

    I am a creative who is absolutely stuck and not going anywhere no matter how hard I have been trying. Next time Anna, I will be writing an amazing breakthrough praise report. I look forward to hopefully sharing the victories coming my way.

    Thanks Anna.

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