A Woman’s #1 Most Powerful Weapon

tankAs I was thinking of the title of this post, I asked my husband what he thought a woman’s #1 most powerful weapon was…


I looked at him with a shameful expression. “Come, on… really.”

I made him keep guessing and his ideas ranged from tears to gossip. I told him “You’re thinking about this all wrong. You’re thinking of a weapon as a negative thing.” (Which of course makes sense because he’s a Marine!)

And perhaps you did too when you read the title. But when I talk about a woman’s #1 most powerful weapon, I’m talking about a positive weapon, a weapon we use not only for others, but ourselves as well.

A Woman’s #1 Most Powerful Weapon is: ENCOURAGEMENT

I believe it is one of the purposes for which we were created. There is so much power in the action word, encourage. To miss the truth that it is our #1 most powerful weapon is a tragedy too many women find themselves facing. So this week we are going to be discussing the effects of this positive weapon of encouragement in these four areas:

  • Ourselves
  • Our Loved Ones
  • Our Enemies and
  • Everyone

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Questions for discussion:

Do you agree that ENCOURAGEMENT is a woman’s #1 most powerful weapon? Why or why not?

How have you seen encouragement work positive outcomes in your life?

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