A Little Bit of Willingness, Goes a Long Way

Here is a story from a student at SWITCH. May this touch your heart, and challenge us to be willing to be used by God.

My life before SWITCH I was living with my grandma. I was always sad and upset. I really was just always scared of my family. I was being sexually abused by 3 different family members: My grandpa and my two brothers. My grandma was always mean to me. She abused me physically, emotionally and mentally. DHS would come to our house all  the time but my grandma would teach us to lie so nobody would find out how our life really was. I hated myself, and my life. I wasn’t even sure if there was a God. My life was so terrible. My grandma had adopted me when I was 6. My mom was into drugs and still is. I don’t know who my dad is, and I haven’t met either of them. My grandma would always hit me, and yell at me. She would tell me that I am not good enough. She would put me down so much that eventually I started degrading myself. I would believe all the lies she would tell me, like, I’m a slut, and a whore, a fake. I was never able to accept compliments. I thought I was ugly and disgusting. I was always giving in to people and letting them use me. I was so lost. And I couldn’t stand up for myself. I couldn’t trust anyone enough to tell them what I would go through every day.

Since being a part of SWITCH I met Aymee Farris, my SWITCH leader. I told her about my life at my grandmas. I told her everything. DHS got involved and I ended up going to foster care. Aymee, went through the foster parent program so she could be a foster parent to me, so that I could come live with her. She started bringing me to SWITCH after I started living with her. After a few weeks I recommitted my life to Christ. Aymee and I talk a lot about forgiveness and I don’t hate myself. I am learning about God and growing closer to Him. I have been very scared lately though because I thought I was going to get sent back to my grandma’s. Yesterday, we went to court and my grandma gave up her rights to me. I am still living with Aymee, and she is going to adopt me!! A lot has changed since I started going to SWITCH. I am figuring out who I really am. I am becoming a new person. I am getting a chance at a new life. And things are so much better. I am learning so much so fast and I am able to enjoy myself. I am no longer allowing people to take advantage of me. I am not scared anymore. I don’t have to go home to abuse every day.
I am becoming a new and better Christian and person. I am actually happy.

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